Thrivaca: Data-Driven Risk Management

Автор: Arx Nimbus, LLC

Data-Driven Risk Management for Cybersecurity: Financial Risk Analysis

Data-Driven Risk Management - Arx Nimbus uses Insurance-Grade mathematical models to bring you financially-literate risk analysis to maximize the value of your cybersecurity programs.

Arx Nimbus offers Thrivaca: a SAAS solution for modeling and analyzing risks, probabilities, and financial implications for cybersecurity budgets.

Used in industries as diverse as financial services, healthcare, higher education, biopharma, defense and the Fortune 500, Thrivaca brings senior management, insurance underwriters, brokers and top consulting firms the insights they need to materially reduce the massive costs associated with today's digital risks.

Analysis shows that data-driven Risk Management provides better results than professional opinion and expert judgement.

Real and effective risk reduction requires a basis in data analysis, allowing strategic resources to be targeted to the highest financial impacts and their sources

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