MatchingCore® - AI based Resource Planning on Azure

Автор: aspaara AG

AI-based resource planning application for professional services firms to automate talent staffing

Are you a professional services firm looking for a resource planning application to automate your talent staffing?

By automating your talent staffing using our AI-Copilot MatchingCore®, planners in professional services firms can create a resource plan without jeopardising client needs, firm goals and talent preferences.

MatchingCore® provides always the best plan - using AI-based superpowers

MatchingCore® uses a holistic optimization approach that considers different target values and KPIs simultaneously as a whole, which is superior to sequential changes. In an engagement plan, the bookings are directly and mutually dependent on each other. Therefore, only a holistic planning approach can work with this type of plan. This approach is in contrast to sequential planning systems, as the interdependencies mean that as soon as one allocation is changed, this can have a serious impact on the entire workforce and affect many other allocations. These effects can only be assessed and optimized with a holistic planning system.

Key features

  • Holistic planning system that considers different target values and KPIs simultaneously as a whole
  • AI-based resource planning application that is human-led and tech-powered
  • Simulate multiple scenarios for your resource plan by running customisable optimisations
  • Monitor your relevant KPIs in our analytics dashboard

Key benefits

  • Increase your talent's productivity by up to 15%.
  • Reduce your talents travel time by up to 48%.
  • Automate your planning process by up to 90%, including new-joiner allocation.
  • Improve your talent’s job satisfaction by giving them in 89% the cases their work preferences.
  • Win the war for talent: 95% of talents working on their preferred engagement, while MatchingCore® increases overall productivity.

What our customers say about us
"aspaara MatchingCore® has improved our resource planning process based on several KPIs and saved us thousands of travel hours by optimising travel times, among other things"
Assurance Parter, Big 4 Audit firm Central Europe

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