ADQTM-aThingz Data Quality Tracking and Management

Автор: aThingz

Transportation and Logistics Data Quality Business Solution - Powered by Artificial Intelligence

To address the data quality challenges that Transportation and Logistics Organizations deal with on a day to day basis, aThingz has developed an innovative, integrated, purpose-built data quality solution, that is proactive and predictive.
With hundreds of pre-built transportation and logistics specific data quality rules and profiling mechanics, ADQTM can help connect, integrate and cleanse all of your relevant supply chain and logistics data in an easy to use intuitive cloud application
With ADQTM’s seamless pre-built dashboards, KPIs, Data Models, Machine Learning and Cognitive features, you will be able to improve operational efficiency, optimize cost, gain productivity and eliminate recurring problems in your data.

ADQTM – Let us improve the accuracy of your business decision with good quality of data

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