Shop Angel

Автор: aZaaS Pte Ltd

Operations automations with AI, machine learning and data analytics for Retail SME's

ShopAngel covers retail businesses such as clothing outlets and food takeaways. ShopAngel ensures an efficient, easy to use and contactless approach to the everyday shopper whilst keeping it completely online and in the palm of their hands. With features such as our group buy and delivery, Shopangel seeks to give your consumers a full shopfront experience from where ever in the world.

ShopAngel is equipped with a key tools to ensure maximum efficiency and simplicity for its users. From our hyper intelligent dashboard to our AI Chatbot, ShopAngel captures every user interaction every step of the way, organises it and recommends the retail owners of their next possible course of action. ShopAngel allows the retail owners to truly understand their customers from their perspective and to be one step ahead of any changing trend.

And it all starts from the palm of our hands. With ShopAngel we drive the need for a mobile approach. Bringing retail business’s a step closer, weaving seamlessly into the consumer’s daily lives and habits, to not make them think.

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