Health AI-Driven Intelligent Care Augmentation Solution for Epic & Cerner EHR

Автор: Bayesian Health, Inc

Health AI Solution: Enables Proactive Intervention of Disease Progression w/in Hospital Patient Pop

Bayesian Health offers an adaptive AI/ML platform that forecasts declining trajectories within a hospital/health system’s patient population. The research-backed platform is designed to empower providers with the ability to identify and intervene with next-best actions in a timely way*. This is accomplished by sending accurate and actionable clinical signals for a wide range of critical condition areas (sepsis/deterioration/pressure injures) within the EMR and existing workflows. As a result, physicians and care team members are able to catch life-threatening complications much earlier, leading to better patient outcomes and reductions in healthcare costs.

*Adams, Henry, Saria et al. Nature Medicine, 2022; Henry, Adams, Saria et al., Nature Medicine, 2022

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