EscrowAI - Secure AI Lifecycle Management Platform

Автор: BeeKeeperAI, Inc.

Accelerating the ML workflow computing on protected data within a Trusted Execution Environment

Are you an algorithm or analytic model developer interested in:

  • Computing on privacy protected information, including personally identifiable and protected health information?
  • Providing end-to-end encryption of your model's intellectual property?
  • Streamlining and accelerating the approvals, contracting, and institutional review board processes?

Are you a data steward, responsible for protecting data privacy and sovereignty, who is interested in:

  • Enabling the ethical monetization and HIPAA allowable use of clinical data to advance medical innovation?
  • Maintaining control (sovereignty) of your data at all times?
  • Utilizing end-to-end encryption to eliminate the need for de-identification and providing protection for your data?
  • Facilitating computing on multi-locational data that can not be moved?

EscrowAI is a privacy enhancing collaboration platform accelerating the ML lifecycle by protecting data sovereignty, individual privacy, and intellectual property. The platform enables multi-party workflow between algorithm owners and the stewards of personally identifiable and protected information. With EscrowAI, data remains within the data steward’s secure cloud environment and is made available for computation within a hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). The TEE runs in the data steward's cloud, enabled by cutting-edge Azure confidential computing technology. EscrowAI delivers encrypted algorithms to the TEE along with the encrypted data. Once inside, both are decrypted in the TEE’s protected memory and the computation is executed. Only a predetermined output is allowed out of the TEE after verification by EscrowAI. Once the computation is complete, the TEE is decommissioned.

Secure Access to Protected Data, Faster

It typically takes 6-12 months to secure the required approvals, when even possible, to on compute real-world protected information. Due to the data privacy, security, sovereignty, and intellectual property benefits of EscrowAI, approvals can take less than 1 month and provide access to data that has been historically inaccessible.

Data Stewards Retain Control of Their Data

Data Stewards are responsible for the protection of data under their control. With EscrowAI, data is kept within the Data Steward organization’s Azure Cloud environment and never leaves its jurisdictional boundaries. The data steward retains 100% control of the data.

Algorithm Intellectual Property is Protected

Algorithms and analytic models are encrypted by developers and only decrypted within a TEE.

Secure Enclaves Protect Data in Use

Data and models are isolated in a hardware-based application enclave‍‍‍. Secure attestation ensures the authenticity and integrity of enclave execution environments. The enclave is protected from other enclaves and any hosting environment in the TEE.

Strong Encryption Protects Data at Rest and in Transit

Data is encrypted using AES-256 encryption. All connections use TLS-encrypted communication.

Full Traceability

An immutable record of the computing cycles are retained via Azure confidential ledger and archived for complete traceability.

(EscrowAI is protected by US Patent #11,531,904 and #11,748,633)

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