Future Flow RX

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Creates a digital twin of any hospital to optimize patient flow, hospital resources and staffing

Reliable, Data-Driven Predictions For Operational Excellence

FutureFlow Rx®is a patient flow analytics platform that continuously updates from the electronic health records (EHR) and predicts patient census and bed availability for the optimal level of care.
Use Cases
  • Analytics dashboard providing decision support in bed huddles to inform critical patient placement and capacity decisions
  • Predict and manage discharges and other ADT events
  • Determine future staffing needs
  • Capture and predict accurate bed count
  • Predict patient census by unit, hospital, or hospital system in hours, days, weeks, and months ahead
  • Test “what-if” scenarios, contingency plans, and impact on key throughput metrics
  • Master planning for future facility expansion and service lines
Impact on Hospital Operations and Decision Making
  • Automate manual analytics
  • Understand staffing needs in advance
  • Minimize the number of staffing huddles per day
  • Know your contingency plans work in advance
  • Simulate long term bed needs by service and level of care to meet strategic growth objectives
FutureFlow RX® patient flow analytics platform is designed to ensure performance of Hospitals’ operational systems and caregivers in an environment challenged by staffing shortages, unexpected surges and increasing costs. The platform is designed to:
  • Provide intelligent census and hospital capacity management decision support
  • Predict accurate patient flow data Reduce length of stay
  • Prepare for whatever comes next
The Right Resources for the Right Care
FutureFlow RX enables you to forecast census and bed capacity quickly, easily, and accurately. This patient flow analytics platform continuously updates from EHR and predicts census and bed availability hourly, weekly, monthly, or annually. With the ability to glimpse into the future, you can right-size your staff, place patients where they need to be, and provide optimal care.
Plan Ahead, Reduce Stress & Recover Revenue
FutureFlow Rx combines AI and ML technology with digital twins to predict what is coming your way. Use accurate data to streamline operations and anticipate issues before they arise. Hospitals can evaluate different “what-if” scenarios and test contingency plans to know they work in advance.
FutureFlow RX is more than just an AI-driven hospital capacity planning tool; it’s your essential solution to optimize patient care.
FutureFlow RX predictive analytics capabilities:
  • Estimate length of stay based on patient type, journey throughout the hospital and services required
  • Perform “what-if” scenarios so you are prepared for the best and worst cases
  • Leverage discrete event simulation to connect the complex interdependencies across your hospital
  • Plan staffing and resources effectively and efficiently
  • Adjust time frames so you can see your census next week, next month, or further
Types of Users
  • Clinical Informatics
  • Analytics and Data Science
  • Clinical Operations
  • Process/Performance Improvement
  • Quality Management
  • House Supervisor
  • Patient Flow Unit Manager
  • Shift Administrator
  • Chief Nursing Information Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Nursing Officer
  • Chief Medical Information Officer
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Clinical Operations Supply Chain
  • Perioperative Operations
  • Emergency Department Operations
  • Capacity Management
  • Command Center Operations
Need or Pain Areas
  • Staff Shortages
  • High Average Length of Stay
  • Emergency Department Diversion, Boarding and Overcrowding
  • Excessive Left Without Being Seen Patient
  • Placement Errors
  • Surgery Cancellations
  • Poor Surge Management
  • Lacking Capabilities to Strategically Evaluate Master Facilities Planning

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