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SYNTH3D is's Geospatial Metaverse platform built from generative AI

The Geospatial Metaverse foundation built from generative AI puts the whole world in your hands is the company behind the 3D reconstruction of the whole planet seen in Microsoft’s award-winning Flight Simulator 2020. We apply our AI/ML detection and generative algorithms to satellite data and deliver a photorealistic, highly performant vector graphics reconstruction of the whole planet in 3D. It is served from Microsoft Azure and can be consumed in Unreal Engine, NVIDIA Omniverse and in a variety of 3D file formats.

Built for high performance simulation, training and visualization, it helps companies and governments tackle the world’s toughest problems

Blackshark’s SYNTH3D powers some of the world’s most demanding simulation environments, used across flight simulation, mission planning, autonomous vehicles and drone sensor simulation, digital twin visualization, smart cities, urban management, clean energy deployment, emergency preparedness, and many more use cases.

Full semantic data in every pixel

Starting from satellite and aerial imagery, SYNTH3D™ is built by first using our platform and AI/ML algorithms to identify objects on the surface of the planet, which are then reconstructed in 3D using our patented generative AI – and behind every pixel, we can expose to client applications via our Unreal Engine plugin or our C++ SDK the semantic metadata of every pixel.

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