Agile Marketing Intelligence

Автор: BrandTotal

The digital marketing ecosystem is rapidly advancing. Time to gain a competitive edge and get agile.

Our innovative SaaS-based platform helps enterprises reverse-engineer the marketing strategies of their competitors.

It serves as the solution to a growing and problematic phenomenon known as Dark Marketing, which characterizes professional marketers' lack of transparency in the ever-evolving digital marketing ecosystem. Detecting “dark” posts --- which are becoming more prevalent due to fragmentation of channels, segmentation of consumers, and personalization of content --- is what sets our offer apart. It can detect brands’ public [organic] posts and expose those that are dark and targeted, which cannot be found on a company’s public media page. 

The dashboard utilizes a three-pronged cyber-security approach to data collection, and it harnesses AI by implementing brand consolidation, campaign aggregation, and signal detection that form the data science layer. Through campaign aggregation, the technology detects creatives across various digital channels and clusters them into campaigns for analysis. Using signal detection, the app identifies trends and outliers between brands and within an industry-wide competitive landscape. 

Our software helps you spot threats and opportunities in real time within your competitive landscape – and it has proven to do so across a variety of industries including cloud services, financial services, insurance, food and beverages, television broadcasts, social games, premium fashion, travel, and much more. Adjusting your marketing strategies in real time (on the fly), helps you garner actionable insights as an agile marketer. 

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