ScienceIO PHI Identify & Redact

Автор: Cascade Bio, Inc. DBA ScienceIO

Identify and redact personal health information with AI purpose-built for healthcare.

Healthcare has its own language which presents unique challenges. ScienceIO’s PHI model has been trained on healthcare data to preserve clinical information like eponymous diseases (is Parkinson a person or a disease?) while protecting patient privacy.

Our model is designed to identify and redact Safe Harbor variables most commonly found in healthcare (full list) and is hosted on ScienceIO’s HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified platform. All results are returned in a structured JSON format to maintain flexibility on how your protected data can be used.

Identify PHI in your data to

  • Extract personal information from messy and unstructured records

  • Build better patient profiles

  • Discover insights

Redact PHI to safely

  • Use your data with other LLMs like GPT-4, Bard, or Claude

  • Prepare your data for analysis

Try a free demo on our web app.

Note: The ScienceIO platform currently supports English as its primary language. If you’d like to request additional languages, tell us about it here!

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