Cegeka Mobilize – data driven traffic insights

Автор: Cegeka NV

Helps local gov with mobility challenges by visualizing, simulating and predicting traffic patterns

Developing a mobility plan, making a change to a circulation plan, or redirecting traffic is time-consuming and expensive. Cegeka Mobilize is a user-friendly cloud platform that captures mobile data flows and combines them in a single overview: a data platform.

By enriching and analyzing this data and applying artificial intelligence to it, using a digital twin, you can gain real-time insights into the impact of mobility decisions in only a few clicks.

The Platform consists of the following elements:

  • Data: Mobility data is owned by various public and private parties, scattered across different systems and often expensive to get your hands on. Cegeka Mobilize brings all available data streams together in a single data platform – from external time-based, geographical, contextual and behavioral data, to data from your own database and your own sensors. This gives you instant insights into the actual traffic flow situation in your city.

  • Artificial intelligence: With the help of AI, Cegeka Mobilize searches for patterns and correlations across data, to simulate and predict how changes such as a new circulation plan, traffic safety measures, changes in speed limits, etc. will affect traffic and safety, both at street and city level.

  • Traffic methodology: thanks to collaborations with mobility experts, Mobilize combines AI with classic traffic methodologies that are onboarded on the platform as well.

  • Digital Twin: Using a digital twin – an exact, virtual copy of the traffic flow in your city or municipality – you can simulate and experiment freely on a theoretical model, without any impact on the actual traffic, citizens and visitors.

Sharing your views and plans on mobility with all stakeholders can be very challenging. Cegeka Mobilize's accurate visualizations speak for themselves: you can share them with all the parties involved in no time at all, so you can create a support base or pull together all the evidence behind your decisions.

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