ATO as a Service™

Автор: cFocus Software Incorporated

Authority To Operate (ATO) as a Service™ automates & shortens FedRAMP authorizations by up to 70%!

ATO as a Service™ features step-by-step automated workflows that guide you through the FedRAMP authorization journey:

  • Our FedRAMP in 5 Minutes™ training gets you up to speed on what you need to do for a FedRAMP authorization in 5 minutes. And this training is totally free!
  • We automate the steps for you to earn a FedRAMP In-Process designation
  • We automate the entire process of creating a System Security Plan (SSP) and all attachments

For systems hosted in Microsoft Azure, ATO as a Service™ automatically inherits information from the Microsoft Azure SSP, further shortening the FedRAMP authorization timeline.

Anyone hosting a system in Microsoft Azure that needs to obtain a FedRAMP authorization can benefit by using this product!

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