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Is consistent customer experience across your sites a worry? Drive brand image & process compliance

59% Customers will give up on a company after several bad experiences, 17% after one bad experience. (Source: PwC Customer Experience Survey 2017/18)

Are you a mid-sized or a large organisation concerned about inconsistencies across your sites and want to present consistent visibility, offerings and services to customers? ?

Then SAKKSH provides a mobile-based solution to identify inconsistencies, non-compliances and other issues and track their closure in real-time. Sakksh enables organisation deliver consistently high operational standards across all sites. It helps in driving compliance & process adoption with real-time tracking for better customer satisfaction.

Key Features
    • Real-Time inspections with industry standard checklists (Fully customisable)
      • Real-time reports on email / WhatsApp / SMS
      • Analytical Dashboard to track and fix non-compliances across stores, restaurants, hotels, or any other sites
      • Automatically distributed detailed excel reports
      • Mystery audits as a service
    • Action Management
      • Ability to define actions against non-compliances or survey queries
      • Define and track recurring actions
      • Real-Time notifications over WhatsApp, Email, SMS
      • Team performance reports
      • Analytical dashboard for real-time tracking and management
    • Customer Surveys
      • QR based location-zone-based surveys
      • Real-time visibility into NPS, CES and CSAT scores
      • Detailed dashboard for real-time analysis
Major benefits:
    1. Improve brand visibility and consistency across the organisation
    2. Improve customer acceptance for higher sales performance
    3. Faster action completion and tracking and performance monitoring
    4. Better customer experience with faster response with real-time feedback tracking
    5. Promote healthy competition across sites
    6. Increased sales performance
What our customers say

"SAKKSH has helped us drive a consistent brand image, and exceptional customer experience with its end-to-end solution for inspections, identifying and fixing non-compliances and tracking actions to completion." - Large Restaurant chain across India and Middle East

"We are using SAKKSH across our stores for ensuring brand consistency, exceptional service, service, and maintenance. And its real-time reports over email / WhatsApp / SMS provide the kind of tracking that we required." - Large Grocery Chain, India

About Schoofi Software Solution Pvt Ltd

Schoofi (est. 2015) is an India based company with subsidiary company in Australia . Our products and solutions are cloud-based built on Microsoft Azure. With our products, you can achieve significant competitive advantage, savings and an exceptional customer experience with real-time analytics and reports.

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