PaaS on your Azure Subscription

Автор: is the end-to-end web platform including hosting, CI/CD, automated updates, and support. PaaS on your Azure Subscription provides all of the power of the end-to-end web platform, delivered on your Azure subscription.

As a cornerstone of your digital strategy, combines a robust, highly reliable hosting platform based on Microsoft Azure and modern tools that enable your development team to build, evolve, and scale applications faster and more efficiently—contributing to achieving departmental and organizational goals.

With, your dev team can focus on creating innovative, sticky features and apps with their favorite tools, languages, and frameworks—instead of managing infrastructure and process. While IT staff achieve a balance between meeting business stakeholder demand, minimizing risk, meeting security and compliance mandates, exercising governance, and eliminating waste. It’s a clear win-win. also offers the flexibility for teams to choose the technologies and processes needed to deliver on business goals on time, so you can get initiatives to market more quickly and cost effectively.

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