Atlas Intelligent Knowledge Platform for Microsoft 365

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Combining intranet, collaboration and knowledge management into a single AI-powered platform

Are employees frustrated that they can't find what they need quickly? Still struggling to manage data sprawl? And now AI adds even more challenges!

Atlas is trusted by mid-sized and large enterprises in legal, professional services, financial services, construction, and other sectors. These organizations rely on Atlas to drive significant enhancements in productivity, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

As a comprehensive Intelligent Knowledge Platform, Atlas, enhanced with new AI capabilities, confronts these challenges head-on:

  • "Atlas provides one of the most comprehensive and capable platforms for supporting knowledge management processes on top of Microsoft 365." – ClearBox Consulting
  • "Atlas is a system that brings order and control to Microsoft’s chaos and sprawl." -Vendor Vignette report by Deep Analysis
  • Atlas AI delivers a unique approach to authoritative content governance for enterprise AI scenarios, enabling you to be ready for, and to capitalize from Generative AI.
  • Atlas AI enables employees to tap into the most credible sources of knowledge, either directly in Atlas AI or in through Microsoft 365 Copilot.
  • Atlas AI offers ongoing governance and analytics, providing the necessary oversight and insights to enable secure and successful operational controls of Generative AI, including cost and usage controls.


  1. Creates a unified view of everything, from one platform - Atlas brings coherence to the thousands of collaboration spaces and content scattered across Microsoft 365 and other systems.

  2. Turns Microsoft Teams into Teams+ - Atlas simplifies the Microsoft Teams user experience, expanding its uses and capabilities, thereby increasing usage and adoption.

  3. Provides freedom through governance and automation - With powerful governance functionality, Atlas enables employees to self-serve, freeing up your internal IT team.

  4. Makes knowledge accessible to all employees - By placing inclusivity and accessibility at the core of Atlas, we have developed a solution that effectively tackles longstanding knowledge-related challenges.

  5. Securely connects people across boundaries - Atlas expands the capabilities of Microsoft Teams, transforming it into a unified hub for both internal and external collaboration.

  6. Consolidates your technology - Atlas replaces legacy systems and simplifies the array of digital tools required so you can optimize your technology investment.

  7. Gets your people and data ready for AI - Atlas provides structure and governance to your data and helps your organization prepare for AI and then helps people safely engage with AI in keeping with your organizational policies.

What our customers say

“I am pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy the Atlas platform is in refining searches and enabling me to find the information I need within seconds” - CIO, Weightmans

“We see staff being more engaged through Atlas, which we [can] track by seeing that they are better equipped and able to deal with any and all challenges." - Head of Technology, Places Leisure

"I’m very excited because, for the first time we’ve got insight into all the content that we’ve got and we can do some very interesting things with it." - Productivity Consultant, Northumbrian Water

About ClearPeople - the team behind Atlas

ClearPeople is a team of passionate experts dedicated to empowering organizations to thrive in the workplace of the future. Drawing on extensive industry knowledge and a relentless drive for innovation, we've created Atlas, an Intelligent Knowledge Platform for Microsoft 365. ClearPeople is a Microsoft Preferred Content AI Partner. In 2021 we received the Microsoft Employee Experience Partner of the Year award, while Atlas has garnered numerous other accolades, including the esteemed Nielsen Norman Group award.

Discover Atlas

  • Bring order and control to Microsoft's sprawl
  • Provide knowledge for the many, not the few
  • Consolidate your technology into a single platform
  • Get your people and data ready for AI

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