Teams Migration & Monitoring with CloudFit

Автор: CloudFit Software

Accelerate your users to Teams, ensure successfull onboarding, user experience, and serivce health.

Are you still on Lync or Skype for Business Online & concerned with the rapidly approaching end of support dates? Do you want to accelerate your organizations deployment & usage of Teams, but have concerns over how to develop a governance plan, how to drive adoption, and how to ensure your users have the best possible experience once they're using Teams? For Microsoft Teams, especially for Enterprise Voice, there are three vectors that must be pushed through: 1) Backend Readiness and Configuration 2) End-User hand-holding, and 3) service health & user experience management. CloudFit Software provides a solution for Teams that covers all of these components. Our team of experts can help your organization accelerate users to teams, & drive end user adoption through a series of communication channels to raise user awareness, ensure employees are trained & well versed on how to use the new system. Using our proprietary Velocity monitoring platform, we can also ensure the new system runs as optimally as possible, and that users have the best possible experience once they’re using Teams.

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