CogniCor Policy and Procedures Assistant for Insurance and Wealth Management

Автор: Cognicor Technologies Inc

Digital Assistant for Wealth and Insurance powered by Azure ChatGPT Service and Knowledge Graphs

SAM is an AI Assistant purpose built for Financial firms, specifically in the Insurance and Wealth Management domain, powered by Azure ChatGPT service and CogniCor's Domain Knowledge Graphs. Example ROI from customers that have deployed the Assistant are high CSAT scores from customers, elevated call metrics for the support center, faster resolution of cases, lower agent training time and near-zero NIGO (Not In Good Order) cases.

SAM can be easily deployed in the Client's or Policy holder's self service portal or in the Agent's CRM such as Dynamics or other case management portals. SAM works like a co-pilot for Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents and Home office support staff, enabling them to understand information around products, policies and standard operating procedures as well as accomplish tasks like Form filling, validation, e-Signature. The AI Assistant comes with a pre-trained knowledge graph that covers most topics in the domain and allows to ingest existing documents such as PDFs and extract unstructured information and customize the enterprise content easily.

SAM can discover the right forms required for the fulfilling the operation from natural language queries, pre-fill them with data from CRM and submit for e-Signature as well as for straight through processing by insurance and wealth firms. SAM enables Agents to take quizzes during non-call times and map their learning journey against targets.

SAM's automation capabilities include driving multi-step workflows in routine key operations such as Onboarding, Account management, Money movement, Beneficiary changes, Address changes, etc. SAM comes with a library of more than 50 pre-trained workflows in wealth and insurance domain. SAM's no-code interface allows enterprise business users to modify them or add any new workflows. SAM comes with pre-built connectors to most standard CRMs, Knowledge Management portals, Live Chat software, etc.

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