Cloud Consumption Monitoring


Monitoring and measurement of the usage of IT resources

Our Hybrid Cloud Consumption Monitoring services will provide our customer a single dashboard showing real time and historical data for IT resource usage. The service will also provide analysis and recommendations for cost savings or performance gains by shifting workloads from on premise to private or public cloud services. 1. Obtain transparency of your cloud services in a single pane of visibility. Detect optimization potential by knowing the available services and their degree of utilization shown by the Dashboard. Furthermore, automatic e-mail notifications keep you updated on defined budget thresholds. 2. Optimize your costs for cloud services by avoiding unnecessary purchases, reassigning unused licenses and by adapting your subscriptions to your actual usage. 3. Create a reliable budget plan based on valid operating figures, thereby minimizing the probability of unbudgeted costs. Make your projection of future budgets more accurate with details about consumption per cost center and its development. An overview of all available software licenses in the cloud helps to plan new purchases correctly.
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