Recordia: smart recording & archiving interactions

Автор: Comunycarse Network Consultants

Recordia: the smart way of recording, archiving and analyzing all customer interactions

Recordia facilitates gathering all valuable customer interactions under one single repository in the cloud. Know how your sales, marketing and support staff is doing. Solve disputes, get a 360ª view on how customers are served and improve customer service. Recordia may also be a good choice in compliance environments such as GDPR, PCI-DSS and other regulations around the world.
Recordia captures, encripts and stores customer interactions: land lines, mobile phones, fax, SMS, email, video, social media and even F2F conversations. It integrates with CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics by autopopulating all interactions inside the customer´s profiles in CRM, no need for additional space or to worry about on prem infrastructure, as everything works in the cloud, saving you time and money on licensing and maintenance costs.
Recordia provides a responsive web access to the recordings in a seamless, searchable format. Analytics can later be applied to obtain valuable data from interactions, create customer feedback, and predict trends.
Recordia knows how to record. It´s what we do. From mobile to landline to fax, Skype for Business, email, PBX, video, and SMS, we can help corporations and SMBs securely capture, record, encrypt, and store, any interaction.
We provide a SaaS solution that helps telecom companies provide a revolutionized value-added service to their customers, financial institutions comply with regulations such as MiFID II or the Dodd Frank Act, and corporations and SMBs transform their practices for the modern cloud era to save resources and improve services and metrics such as the net promoter score (NPS).

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