CONWEAVER Linksphere


Linksphere - the Low Code Big Graph Platform

Connecting the Dots

CONWEAVER Linksphere is a configurable Full Stack Graph platform to deploy and maintain applications for graph-typical use cases related to data context analysis.

In an agile process, Linksphere Graph applications an be created fast and flexibly with the Linksphere Workbench, a configuration environment with over 300 standardized modules. They are made available in a high-performance, scalable, consistent and up-to-date manner.

Make Big Data Smart

The challenges of a digital future increasingly require an interdisciplinary and process-spanning use of data. Future-oriented „Connected“, „Smart“, „Autonomous“ concepts as well as IoT/IIoT, Digital Twin & Co, everything requires networked data - Linked Data.

Enterprise architectures must be able to react quickly and flexibly to these issues.

Analytics, AI and BI are part of the technological answer to this. Linked Data complements these technologies with contextual knowledge about all relevant data - whether enterprise data silos, data warehouses, data lakes or external data - along the entire value chain, for any use case.

Linksphere sees itself as a component of a digital ecosystem, which allows very quickly and easily to create such company-specific graphs - Linked Data Layers.

Linksphere Advances Business with Fast and Individual Graph Solutions

  • Time-to-Market Reduce product development time through comprehensive, automated searches across the entire enterprise IT-landscape instead of searching manually.
  • Speed and Quality Better decisions due to faster access to all current, relevant and validated Information help achieve higher standards of quality, increasing productivity.
  • Transparency Enable full data transparency across organizations by dynamically linking heterogeneous data stored in disparate silos.
  • Cost-effective Reducing complexity enables faster development at lower cost.
  • Always available Data is linked and synchronized across organizations, making the most up-to-date data available anytime, anywhere.

IT Benefits

  • Knowledge Graph Linksphere provides an enterprise knowledge graph that can fulfill nearly all information requirements in your company.
  • Flexible and Fast Linksphere provides a comprehensive visual development environment that empowers you to rapidly create enterprise knowledge graph solutions using visual models that require little or no coding.
  • Up-to-Date The separation between configuration and operation keeps yours application independent of versions and tools.
  • AI-ready Make your enterprise architecture ready for AI and feed its algorithm with the enterprise knowledge graph to reach high-quality results.
  • Full Stack Linksphere yields more than the sum of the parts.

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