Insurance Operational Risk Monitoring


Accelerate Insurance Operational Resilience using best practice connected risk management framework

Automatically monitor and predict operational risk exposures in real-time for proactive and connected operational resilience management covering insurance customer/service lifecycle.

Automate critical Insurance services driven operational risk assessments, real-time risk monitoring, and proactive resilience management using CORIZANCE's best-practice connected and cognitive risk and resilience management application and achieve
  • Achieve effective, automated, and proactive operational risk (people, process, technology, third party, etc.) monitoring, detection, and prevention
  • Prevention of non-compliance with regulatory and/or policy obligations
  • Achieve significant tangible value benefits including increased customer experience, risk/fraud/loss prevention, operational resilience, regulatory compliance and sustainability
  • Achieve a significant positive impact on key performance ratios.
  • Achieve >25X RoI

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Awards & Recognitions
  • Platform proposition has been independently assessed and awarded 'Digital Security Innovator' by British Standards Institute (BSI) & Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC, UK)
  • Additional innovation recognitions from major organizations including F10, R3, DIFC, Microsoft, Techstars, Barclays Eagle Labs, etc.


  • In-built insurance domain-specific single best practice service/process/procedures framework, risk, and controls taxonomy, In-built questionnaires, process, and workflow automation
  • Advanced predictive AI models covering end-to-end insurance customers/operations value chain
  • Automated and timely notification and escalations for preventative and remedial actions management
  • Achieve a single source of all data related to operational risk and resilience management
  • Advanced analytics for continuous operational controls improvement, risk prevention, and accelerated resilience
  • Advanced and predictive analytics driving proactive decisions
  • Frees up manual work, reduces costs and errors
  • Accelerate effective operational resilience, sustainability, business protection, and growth

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