cQuant is a SaaS Energy Analytics Platform to assess risk and manage complex energy portfolios

cQuant provides a cloud native Energy Analytic Solution to organizations looking to understand and mitigate uncertainty in the power portfolios.  cQuant specializes in total portfolio analysis, risk management and valuation solutions for complex energy portfolios. Customers can select some or all of the 20+ models cQuant has developed and combine these models to create analytic composites to build complex, insightful analysis solutions.  The platform provides powerful reporting including dashboards, data visualizations to empower excellent decision making.

cQuant's platform is cloud hosted and specialized in stochastic/Monte-Carlo based simulations which provides both the traditional risk assessment reports VaR, MtM, GMaR, and CFaR, and more advanced analysis including Net Position at Risk, Hedge Optimization and holistic portfolio analysis.

We work with all participants in the energy ecosystem including: LSE's, IPP's, CCA's, Utilities, Renewable projects, and Energy Traders with comprehensive analytics that provide the exact results each needs to manage their portfolios. 

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