Unity Engine

Автор: Cybertech Systems & Software, Inc.

Master Data Management between SAP & ArcGIS

Organizations worldwide rely on SAP Enterprise Asset Management for asset lifecycle management including maintenance, scheduling, inspections and work order management. They also use Esri ArcGIS as the system of record and engagement for managing asset’s geospatial data. Integrating and improving the consistency and accuracy of the data assets between these systems of records is essential to deliver the benefits of digitalized business processes- both on and off the field.

Unity Engine is an Azure native SaaS-based solution that manages master and transactional data between SAP and ArcGIS. Unity Engine enables bi-directional synchronization of information between SAP & ArcGIS in real-time or on-demand and maintains data integrity. This includes unmatched flexibility in configuring synchronization to support a wide range of operational scenarios

Unity Engine, powered by Microsoft Azure, improves the consistency and quality of Geospatial and SAP data assets, drives cross organizational efficiencies, gains better business insights and assists in meeting the stated business KPIs.

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