Corolar FHIR CDR For Microsoft Teams

Dapasoft Inc.

Corolar FHIR CDR integrates clinical data from EHR/EMR into Microsoft Teams using HL7 & FHIR

Corolar FHIR CDR provides bring interoperability between on-premise systems like Meditech, EPIC, Cerner etc. and Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Team and Corolar FHIR CDR are enabling new care coordination solution. Corolar provides for integration with EHRs and enables care providers to communicate about patient care in real-time with Microsoft Team’s secure platform.

Using Microsoft Teams and Corolar FHIR CDR Clinicians can…

  • Enable team huddles, care coordination, clinical consults as well as academic and research activities
  • See individual patient health records in Teams
  • See a list of patients in Teams channels
  • Extend collaboration across health teams across the care continuum
  • Retire legacy workflows and enable teams to digitally modernize how they work together
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