DeviceTone Suite - Ready to Run IoT

Автор: Cloud of Things - IoT Corp.

Securely connect any set of devices, with a full-stack IoT solution on Azure IoT

DeviceTone Suite for Azure IoT provides a full-stack, ready-to-run IoT solution with a multitude of options including open APIs and customizable device management dashboards. Quickly build a scalable, secure IoT solution that allows you to keep your own proprietary IP, mitigate your project costs or risk, and shorten your time to market.

DeviceTone empowers product companies and system integrators in the fastest growing IoT segments: Manufacturing, Smart Cities & Buildings, and Smart Energy & Utilities to deliver a time-tested IoT solution with mass-produced connected devices.

DeviceTone Suite Benefits: 

  • Quick Deployment: Connect your devices and have a prototype in a couple hours.
  • Cyber-Security Shield: Be robust with a product that has stood harsh cybersecurity pen-testing and includes full security lifecycle management features. 
  • Dynamics 365 and Salesforce Connect: Connect your IoT devices to your field service business application with a couple clicks, or integrate to any other business application with DeviceTone open API
  • CloudSwitch: DeviceTone's patented multi Azure IoT Cloud instance technology that enables customers to direct device data to their own private Azure cloud. 

Get Started with our Special Offer: DeviceTone Genie Starter Kit

Upon ordering our DeviceTone Genie Starter Kit, we will provision a full IoT environment. Hardware is not sold through the marketplace, and it can obtained separately from Cloud of Things. Instructions will be provided during the DeviceTone onboarding process, pre-integrated to your environment in the cloud. 

Have questions? Contact us or visit our site for more details. 

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