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Data Clean Rooms powered by Confidential Computing

Decentriq is an enterprise SaaS platform providing data clean rooms powered by Azure Confidential Computing.

Decentriq Data Clean Rooms enable organizations to collaborate with external partners in a secure and compliant way without the need to share any data. Decentriq uniquely combines technologies such as confidential computing, synthetic data and differential privacy to guarantee trust and privacy in data collaboration. Decentriq is mostly operating in

  • Healthcare: unlock collaboration between Life Sciences companies, healthcare providers and payers on sensitive patient data. Use-case ranges from clinical trial optimization to RWE and Market access studies.
  • Media: enable more effective and targeted marketing campaigns by matching first-party data across brands, publishers and retailers, unlocking valuable insights for campaign planning, audience activation and post-campaign measurement.
  • Financial Services: banks and insurers can utilize sensitive customer data across their local entities and with their external partners in fully compliant way, guaranteeing banking secrecy, for example to improve cross-sell marketing, fraud detection or their cyber-defence.

The use-case of Decentriq don’t stop there - every industry with an abundance of sensitive data benefits from a way to securely and easily extract value on that data to drive new business value and remain competitive. Decentriq is a founding member of the Confidential Computing Consortium - including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Intel and Ant Group.

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