Decentriq Media Data Clean Rooms

Автор: dq technologies AG

A safe space for monetizing first-party data without revealing them to anyone, including Decentriq

Data clean rooms (DCRs) offer a data privacy-compliant way for publishers and brands to join their first-party data and uncover new audience insights, making richer targeting possible without third-party cookies. But up until now, DCR users had to make tradeoffs between:

  • DCRs where a trusted party, either a publisher or the data clean room provider itself, has control over all the data. This requires the other party to trust them and their promise to keep the data private and secure.

  • DCRs with limited or rigid identity matching capabilities, limiting audience reach, and risking privacy exposure in the segments it produces

  • DCRs that are based on complex cryptography methods that require a team of encryption experts to work with and offer little analytical flexibility

Decentriq Media Clean Rooms is a data clean room solution for brands, publishers and retailers who don’t want to sacrifice privacy and control for usability. In Decentriq Media Clean Rooms, first-party data is verifiably never accessible to any party, not even to Decentriq. It enables advanced matching and lookalike audiences, immediately actionable from within a no-code SaaS environment. Setup takes only five minutes — no support needed from an engineering team.

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