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Автор: Eagle Genomics

Transform scientific data into knowledge assets

Eagle Genomics knowledge discovery platform utilizes machine learning to transform data to actionable insights that drive scientific decision making. The insight gained from the platform enables quick assessment of product potential, accelerates market entry and mitigates risk.

Industry Challenge: Health, Wellness and Life Sciences organisations are currently failing to turn ever-growing quantities of data into actionable insights that could transform product decision-making. Unlocking data can determine product viability and efficacy more quickly, whilst ensuring that products do no harm. In a hyper competitive market environment, failure to harness the power of data will lead to loss of competitive advantage and market position.

Solution: Eagle Genomics knowledge discovery platform that:
  • Assesses data within relevant context
  • Instantly judges the significance of new data
  • Builds and compounds the value of knowledge assets
  • Aligns R&D innovation with business goals
  • Identifies the most compelling research areas to focus investment
  • Reduces the likelihood and limits impact of project failure
  • Enables effective collaboration around data assets
  • Assesses return on proprietary data
  • Maps relationship between scientific endeavour and financial return
  • More credible product claims and enhanced brand perception
  • Increase productivity, reduced product time to market
  • Mitigate brand reputation risk by ensuring product safety
  • Boost innovation and turn data into product and IP

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