EdgeIQ Platform

Автор: EdgeIQ

The DeviceOps Platform for Connected Products

EdgeIQ provides the DeviceOps platform for Connected Products. The SaaS-based technology offers the industry’s only fully functional platform for managing the lifecycle of connected products.

With EdgeIQ's platform, users can access capabilities around:

  • Device Management:
- Onboard, configure, and update devices at scale with bulk upload & configuration capabilities and software management capabilities.
- Don’t adversely affect device performance with zero-touch provisioning capabilities
- Continually monitor device health with customizable ‘heartbeat’ monitoring

  • Data Management:
- Immediately configure data consumption and federation policies for devices with built-in data management capabilities. This includes both device and payload data

  • Bring Your Own Account:
- Leverage your existing cloud infrastructure using EdgeIQ’s native integration with Microsoft
- Bring your own enterprise applications as EdgeIQ can integrate directly with these services (e.g. CRM, Field Service, ERP, etc.)

  • Device Security:
- Implement user and account-based security permissions at a device-level to maintain a highly secure environment
- EdgeIQ offers native encryption capabilities, secure storage of sensitive credentials, and certificate management

  • Workflow Orchestration:
- Create and manage a limitless amount of workflows that tie various DeviceOps objects together. For example, automatically create support tickets, log errors, etc. within different systems when an event is detected on the device or network

As compared to do-it-yourself, third-party services, or alternative software options, EdgeIQ:

  • Provides unmatched capabilities off-the-shelf - covering the entire lifecycle of a connected product
  • Seamlessly operates in any environment - given its agentless architecture, support for limitless product configurations, API-first approach, and native integration to a variety of popular cloud-based services.

EdgeIQ is ready to operate for any connected product company of any size and across any industry. Whether product engineering, product management, or field services, any engineering, product or service team can benefit from leveraging a best-in-class DeviceOps solution for Connected Products.

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