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ContractAi empowers risk reduction and accelerates decision-making.

Less risk. Better leverage. Faster decisions.
Know what’s in your contracts—and do something about it—at a moment’s notice.

How do you minimize your risk and limit exposure, while maximizing your competitive advantage in the face of global disruption? The answers often lie in your contracts. But unearthing those telling details—and acting on them—can be slow, costly, and people-intensive. Too often, it’s too little, too late.

ContractAi changes that. Using advanced artificial intelligence, ContractAi automatically reads, understands, and analyzes large volumes of contract data in any condition, from any system enterprise-wide—and rapidly converts it into actionable insights for faster decision-making. With ContractAi, you’ll know what’s in your contracts—and what to do about it—at a moment’s notice.

All your contracts. One source of truth.
Quickly identify opportunities to reduce risk and gain leverage with ContractAi.

  • Accurately analyze information
    ContractAi extracts contract data in any condition from any number of systems, widening visibility, strengthening analyses, and delivering more accurate insights.
  • Understand compliance options
    ContractAi automatically identifies clauses around non-compliance and infringement—delivering the insights you need to take action, and consistently minimize exposure
  • Proactively reduce risk
    ContractAi brings visibility to upcoming auto-renewals, terminations, and contract risk—driving proactive decisions to improve negotiations and reduce risk.

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