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Find greater cost savings with a more accurate, holistic view of your spending

ElectrifAi’s machine learning enabled software provides an easy-to-understand visualization enabling organizations to see value from their data. Better spend data leads to better business decisions.

SpendAi correctly categorizes over 95% of all spend data, while giving users unprecedented control of their categorization through a simple drag-and-drop interface. Spend data is transformed into specific, actionable insights that allow CPOs to manage their risk, control maverick spend, drill down into long-tail spend and much more.

  • Light touch client solution
    Our data ingestion process requires very little customer resources and time. Client data is transferred to us via an FTP server and introduced to our normalization and categorization process while quality-controlled by procurement professionals. Our typical first pass spend classification is exceeds 95%. Most competitors fail to achieve more than 80%. Every refresh then increases data quality.

  • Best in class time to value
    Outpacing the competition, our Ai and machine learning cleansing process normalizes and categorizes in 12 weeks or less, quickly returning actionable data and insights to clients.

  • Number and type of database agnostic
    Equally efficient in the data cleansing process with Oracle, SAP, Ariba, JD Edward, etc. Our ability to consolidate at an enterprise level and yet drill down to detail regardless of the number and types of data sources, is best-in-class and covers direct and indirect materials.

  • Advanced insights
    Our Ai and ML insights are constructed on procurement strategy inputs. Competitor products are primarily focused on concentration and fragmentation of spend for leverage, ours go beyond and provide valuable understanding of portfolio complexity, supplier geographic footprint, currency risk and opportunities, and many more.

  • Best in class configurability
    Our solutions enable our team to configure data and outputs that categorize spend based on the client’s internal hierarchy. Inherent to the product we deliver, this configurability may be done as part of a refresh and initial installation. Delivery of value is included in our subscription.

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