Elitmind Smart Audit Platform

Автор: Elitmind SP

AI-powered analytics platform enabling managing information from different sources of data.

Nowadays, becoming data driven organization seems the only way to accelerate the development of your company.

Our mission is to make data usage your competitive advantage.
We decided to introduce a solution that will leverage Power BI, Azure Analytics, Azure Cognitive services and AI functionalities to provide users with a trusted platform that enables managing information from
various sources of data.

Solution benefits

  • Users can view indicators, identify trends, review charts, maps and tables and browse and download analytical reports from the AI-powered platform for further analysis and use.

  • Smart Audit Platform is an analytics solution to ingest, store, analyze, explore, and visualize information.
  • Solution offers automation of data processing operations with improvement of data quality.
  • Modern, scalable, user-friendly dashboards system.
  • Integration with critical systems (e. g. SAP).
  • Automation savings – cost reduction thanks to decreasing manual work.

Thanks to Elitmind Smart Audit Platform you can achieve:
  • Modern Data Platform supporting teams auditing big numbers of scanned documents.

  • Higher revenue due to fewer process gaps​.

  • Fraud and anomaly detection.

  • Electronic, paper documents and images advanced analytics.

  • High flexibility and integration with critical systems.

  • Efficient work with fully customized reports.

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