Автор: eSense Software

Eventa Protocol

Eventa is a premier events, protocol and ceremonials management suite. Consisting of a powerful, integrated set of web-based solutions, the system provides a comprehensive product that automates the ins and outs of the most complex events and protocols, thus facilitating and accelerating work completion, while ensuring a high level of security across the entity’s different branches and departments. The system is replete with multi-functional features that maximize performance while minimizing margins of error.

Eventa is built using .Net Framework, and uses SQL Server 2016 as a back-end engine, it also integrates with Microsoft Outlook for Calendar Management, and Integrates with SharePoint for Document Management.

Eventa is a niche product for VIPs, Royalties, Heads of States and Prime Ministers, there is also a version for business executives and CEOs to help them manage their schedule and day to day activities.

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