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Get Paid Faster- Account Receivables

ezyCollect: All-in-One Accounts Receivable Platform

ezyCollect is trusted by companies worldwide to manage $1 billion in receivables daily, saving businesses 100s of 1000s of hours each year.

ezyCollect is designed by a Chartered Accountant to give businesses a streamlined cash flow & debtor management platform with integrated payments and credit scores. It's easy to integrate, intuitive to use, and offers a no-fuss solution that untangles the complex and oftentimes manual accounts receivable function. Businesses with ezyCollect get paid faster - we looked at 208 businesses over the last two years, and on average their overdue receivables reduced by 43% in 6 months after getting started with ezyCollect.

Key Benefits

  • Saves time with automated communications and reminders
  • Automates reconciliations with payment writeback
  • Give your clients a checkout experience with integrated Pay Now buttons and multiple payment options including settle now pay later.
  • A dashboard that helps you pinpoint accounts receivable risks and priorities and act decisively.
  • Perform credit checks on new customers, receive alerts as customers get into financial difficulty.
  • Onboard new customers seamlessly with a digital credit application

Client Testimonial

ezyCollect has completely changed our debt collection process, it's now much easier to stay on top of our accounts receivables. In the first two months, we sent around 4000 automated reminders and statements to overdue customers, saving us 100+ hours of work. The staff are also very helpful and a pleasure to deal with, no matter how small the question/query – highly recommend!
- Samantha Morton, TransQuip

Why choose ezyCollect

Say goodbye to messy processes and cash flow stress. Say hello to one platform to drive efficiency and revenue.

  • Automated Workflows. Email and SMS reminders, groups all overdue, says thank you.
  • Open and Prompt Communication. Include a phone call in your reminder sequence and get a daily email of calls to be made.
  • Collaborative Payments Platform. Pay multiple invoices at once, credit card checkout, allocate payments to Xero.
  • Credit risk insights: Debtor late payment and failure risk ratings, daily credit risk analysis, and reporting, credit monitoring alerts.
  • One-click Debt escalation. Send a demand letter, refer debts to a debt recovery agency.

ezyCollect would rather lose sleep than keep you waiting. We offer phone support, setup training, an online helpdesk, and a library of articles and resources.

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