Grvppe Cloud Backup

FJH Sistemas de Informação Ltda (Grvppe)

Secure Cloud Backup, Scalable, Fast, Efficient, Managed, with Monthly Reports. Free trial!

“This application is available in Portuguese, Spanish and English”

Grvppe Cloud Backup (GCB) is a service meant to keep your company’s data safe, sound and readily available to you. By outsourcing your data backup, you free your IT team for other tasks more directly related to your company’s end goal. 

Its main features are:  

Digital Backup: Avoid  any problems of a physical nature by maintaining a digital backup of your files;  

Cryptography: Count with high-grade cryptography protecting your data, not only in the server where it’s going to be stored, but also during its transference from your device to the cloud and from the cloud to your devices. 

Economy: GCB works as a service, and as such is contracted in a monthly basis, way less expensive than actually buying and maintaining your own physical racks of servers.  

Scalability: Grow or diminish as you need it, just as your crucial data and your company change, GCB can change with them, according to your business’ needs. 

Mobility: Access your data from anywhere, in any device, all you need to have is an internet connection. 
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