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Cora Finance Analytics - Unlock actionable insights for more informed decision-making

Cora Finance Analytics is Genpact’s comprehensive analytics solution for finance professionals. It provides finance teams with strategic, operational, and tactical analytics capabilities to help them make better, faster, and more insightful decisions in an ever-changing world. Built on a robust and scalable data foundation layer, Cora Finance Analytics combines advanced analytics, data science, and industry expertise to improve the quality of decisions and drive better business outcomes. The solution also uses an adaptive *persona-based approach to ensure the right person gets the right insight at the right time. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, our cloud-based solution blends the Azure stack, including Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake, and Azure SQL database – with Genpact’s vast expertise across a variety of industries, from consumer goods, life sciences, and healthcare to insurance, banking, and capital markets. Combined with Genpact proprietary frameworks, the solution offers advanced analytics capabilities across the finance ecosystem.
Common finance and accounting analytics challenges:
  • Poor quality data due to the lack of an integrated analytics platform
  • Inefficiencies arising from disparate data sources and non-standard operational reporting across finance functions
  • Poor user experience resulting in low productivity and business agility
  • Insufficient diagnostic capabilities with zero visibility of data lineage
  • Inflexible and non-scalable data pipelines and data architectures
  • Limited proactive analytics and planning capabilities

Why Cora Finance Analytics:
  • Centralized information Cora Finance Analytics provides businesses with a foundation to centralize data to support end-to-end analytics
  • Enhanced decision-making The persona-based model allows finance professionals to access tailored recommendations and identify actionable opportunities to help them succeed. The forward-looking scenario analysis embedded in a guided-analytics framework helps drive informed decisions in a structured manner
  • Improved governance The centralization of information and persona-based model underpins the rationalization of metrics, reporting, and analytics across the organization for improved data governance

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