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AI-based holistic inventory planning, management and optimization in Supply Chain Management

Getron AI Services (GaiS) is the general name of inventory planning, management and optimization services focused on demand forecasting, built on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms. Getron Services is the only AI-solution in supply chain management to deliver proven results only in two weeks. Through the Getron Mass Customization interface (MCI), our services can be customized very quickly in line with the business rules and constraints of the companies. Thus, companies can customize Getron services according to their needs and start using them within weeks, without the need for a special data science team.

  1. GETRON PST (Prescriptive Stock Transactions): AI-powered holistic inventory planning, management & optimization service. Getron PST provides stock movement work orders from warehouses & suppliers to stores and inter-stores including online stores.
  2. GETRON ARE (Action Recommended Entities): Manages products' dynamic pricing, optimal warehouse quantities and delisting recommendations through AI algorithms. Getron ARE optimizes the price levels to increase the demand for slow moving items and provides the right stock levels.
  3. GETRON OMP (Order Management & Planning): Seamlessly collects & orchestrates order management and planning business workflows. Getron OMP generates AI-powered demand quantity recommendations to increase related KPIs including fill-rates.
  4. GETRON PSP (Prescriptive Supply Planning): Performs demand driven supply planning with a long-term focus, based on financial cycles. Getron PSP relies directly on Getron's multi-model demand-forecasting engine which allows for comparing what-if scenarios.
  5. GETRON PBD (Predictive Business Diagnostics): Multi-KPI based predictive diagnosis automation and oversight with the interactive dashboard & comprehensive reports. Getron PBD can review overall KPI insights, and to assess the impact of Getron Services provides a kind of mirror through which clients can analyze their business.

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