DR as a Service for SAP on Azure

Автор: GlassHouse

GlassHouse DR as a Service for SAP on Azure

What is «DRaaSAP»?
This service is intended to leverage the Cloud flexibility to provide Disaster Revocery and so Business Continuity for your mission-critical systems. During continuos replication ¼ of your Productive System will be located on Azure and then immediately scaled-up to Productive size in case of a disaster.

Value Proposition for SAP Customers
- Lower TCO with ¼ cost for DR system during replication
- Automatic scale-up during DR
- Scale-up up to 20TB without investment
- Built-in ASR for Application Servers

How we achieve values?
- Using minimal resources during continuos replication to lower TCO
- Automatically scale-up to the size of Productive System to provide same performance and comfort to end users
- Leverage ASR for other application servers replications

Impacts for SAP Customers
- Convert CAPEX to OPEX and save dramatically on DR
- Variable RPO down to 15 minutes with application-level consistency
- Ability to view and test servers and data on production cloud infrastructure.

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