HubSpot for Microsoft Outlook Contacts

Автор: Hubspot, Inc.

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Sync data between HubSpot and Microsoft Outlook Contacts (and/or Exchange Contacts)

Sync your Outlook (personal) contacts without manual data entry or messy, time-consuming imports. Works for Exchange Server and up too!

Here’s what you get with Data Sync by HubSpot:

  • Two-way sync: Data is shared between Outlook and HubSpot in real-time
  • Default field mappings: Set-up is quick with out-of-the-box field mappings already created for you
  • Historical syncing: Your existing data will sync right away, and updates will sync as they happen

Personal contacts

This app needs to be installed by the individual HubSpot users and will sync with their personal Outlook contact folder. This is the contacts folder that would also sync with a smartphone.

This app does not sync shared contacts or the Active Directory.

Using Exchange Server?

In case you like to use this sync with on-premise Exchange Servers, they need to meet all hybrid deployment requirements. Your on-premise Active Directory must be in sync with the Azure Active Directory and all Exchange 2016 servers must be upgraded to CU3 or later (earlier versions are not supported).

More information about hybrid deployments.

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