ICRON Customer Centric Supply Chain Planning

Автор: ICRON Technologies Europe BV

End-to-end supply chain planning product to manage all operational, tactical & strategic decisions

ICRON Customer Centric Supply Chain Planning is an end-to-end supply chain planning SaaS solution enhanced by AI and developed by ICRON’s 30 years of supply chain planning and optimization experience. It covers all decision processes in supply chain planning through a single platform. ICRON enables companies to align their competitive positioning and operational strategies with their customer engagement policies in the market.

In today's competitive world, where the importance of customers is recognized more and more every day, companies that realize this are in search for qualified enablers to provide their customers with the best experience. ICRON is the first-to-market customer centric planning solution focusing on customer satisfaction while sustaining profitability. ICRON defines customer-centric planning as an intelligent alignment of all operational, tactical, and strategic decisions around the common goal of sustainable profitability with a clear and actionable perspective on customer satisfaction.

ICRON allows you to see benefits from the beginning regardless of your current data maturity. It provides an end-to-end, customizable solution to all your developing and changing planning needs in your digital supply chain management journey.

-Visibility: ICRON Customer Centric Supply Chain Planning provides end-to-end visibility to your company in many ways. You can always be aware of your orders, customers and capacity with ICRON’s heatmap function and make decisions accordingly. According to a company’s business strategy, ICRON models how much appetite the company retains to pursue new opportunities, and how much challenge they are ready to take to be competitive.

-Risk & Opportunities: ICRON constantly evaluates your risks and opportunities and makes them visible to you. When your opportunities become visible, you can be aware of your availabilities and turn them into new sales. And when your risks become visible, you can be proactive by taking precautions and prevent potential disruptions beforehand.

-Informed Decision Making: With ICRON’s AI generated scenario planning function, you can compare alternatives in an informed way in your decision making process and make optimized decisions by foreseeing potential outcomes and risks.

-Alignment: Through increased visibility, interdepartmental communication and cooperation it is possible to make all employees embark on corporate strategy, so that all departments within the organization can collaborate and be aligned around the same goals. Every level of your organization and each employee can benefit from ICRON, thanks to its end-to-end design and optimization solutions for each supply chain planning process.

Starting your supply chain planning journey strong, you can build all your operational activities on solid ground with accurate demand forecasts generated by ICRON Customer Centric Supply Chain Planning. According to your demand, ICRON helps you make the optimal procurement plan considering your suppliers’ capacities, purchasing and transportation costs, and manufacturing capabilities for competitive network planning. ICRON makes sure that the right amount of material is in the right places at the right times, taking your inventory availability and restrictions into consideration with respect to your stock policies. With an effective S&OP process, you can bring your supply and demand into perfect balance. ICRON executes optimal production schedules, that optimizes throughput under capacity restrictions. With the optimal long- and short-term production plans, it is possible to utilize your capacity to the fullest and accept more orders to increase revenue. ICRON generates an accurate due date for each order, so that you always keep your promises to your customers. Even under the uncertain nature of the dynamic business environment, companies can respond fast to inevitable changes in the market and deliver orders on time and fulfill their promises. Companies can maintain their financial growth by optimizing all decision processes and making long-term strategic plans – focusing on revenue growth, cash-to-cash cycle times, and asset utilization.

ICRON Customer Centric Supply Chain Planning generates optimum decisions at every stage of your supply chain planning. Since ICRON has all the technology, math, optimization, and artificial –or not- intelligence working in the background to handle supply chain and business dynamics, you do not need to worry about technical details. You can only focus on increasing profitability and accelerating your growth thanks to long-running, strong customer relationships built by ICRON.

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