Idealake Smart Search

Автор: Idealake Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Idealake Smart Search Solution is key for Customer Delight and increasing Sales leads.

Leverage AI-powered indexing to display results from image files, pdf files or entities and key phrases from raw text.

Our Enterprise Search Solution is offered as SaaS using Microsoft Azure Search Services and is designed to give relevant results within seconds.

Quick, reliable, relevant and scalable - it has all that you need to bring out the best search results.

Key Features:

  •  Predictive Search
  •  Relevance Tuning
  •  Keyword Search
  •  Auto Correct
  •  Synonyms
  •  Recent Search
  •  Analytics of the search results
  •  Image Search and pdf file Search The Solution can be used for both first party websites, third party websites and Enterprise applications. The versatility of the solution can be configured for various application needs.

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