Innovaccer - Data Activation Platform

Автор: Innovaccer Inc.

Healthcare Data Activation Platform enabling Data Integration,Care Management, Population Health etc


Right the wrongs of healthcare technology with Innovaccer’s Data Activation Platform.

Innovaccer Inc. is a leading healthcare data activation company committed to making a powerful and enduring difference in the way care is delivered. Innovaccer's aim is to make full use of all the data healthcare has worked so hard to collect by righting the wrongs of healthcare technology, doing away with long-standing problems and replacing them with ideal solutions.

Out with systems that don’t work together.

The Data Activation Platform brings together data from EHRs, PMS, payer claims, and HIEs and delivers fast and reliable integrated data with built-in connectors and visually-aided ETL processes. It captures comprehensive data and goes deep down into healthcare coding standards to ensure downstream measurements and care actions are reliable and trusted.

Solution Offerings

The Data Activation Platform

With over 200+ pre-built connectors to widely-used healthcare data systems, Innovaccer’s Data Activation Platform enables users to aggregate, analyze, and activate their healthcare data. The platform allows healthcare organizations to bring all their data together in one place and project where they can be based on their performance with deep analytics.


Innovaccer’s automated care management solution, InCare, provides a wide range of solutions to help care teams simplify redundant tasks and bridge care gaps. With 360-degree patient profiles updated in real time and automated worklists, InCare is the most effortless way to reduce manual efforts and focus on delivering patient-centric care efficiently.


InGraph is healthcare’s most intuitive analytics platform for population health management, and also the most customizable. With InGraph supporting an array of quality, utilization, and cost measures, healthcare organizations can track any measure or benchmarks in real time and identify blind spots in the network to optimize the core performance drivers.


InNote delivers real-time insights to physicians and provides a full view of their patients right at the moment of care. It helps physicians cut through the noise and enables them to close the care and coding gaps in real time to deliver quality outcomes with 100% efficiency. It streams actionable insights within the EHR and ensures alignment with the overall network goal.


InConnect is Innovaccer’s one-stop patient engagement solution to help providers build stronger relationships with patients efficiently and effectively. Features include automated patient outreach, triaging, voice and text support, and telehealth support. Additionally, care teams can also push screening reminders, share care-focused educational content to their patients.

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