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inriver powers the full product journey

Are you an industrial or branded manufacturer, retailer or product distributor struggling to keep accurate and consistent product information for all the geographies you sell in, across multiple commerce channels? Do you have multiple teams – both internally and externally – that need access to product data for diverse needs? Do you need to organize and manage vast amounts of data tailored for each marketing including both B2B and B2C initiatives?

inriver’s Product Information Management (PIM) solution goes beyond e-commerce and helps you manage ongoing data complexity for all products and SKUs with a single source of product data truth for every internal and external user. You can prepare now for the circular product journey including current and future data governance requirements and regulations.

Key Benefits

  • Multitenant SaaS solution hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Single source of product data truth for multiple teams including marketing, product and commerce
  • Configurable composable & multi-tenant
  • Embedded syndication & digital shelf analytics
  • Limitless & extensive data model
  • Leader in sustainability and regulation reporting requirements like digital product passport

What our customers say

“With the inriver PIM solution, we provide customers, retailers, and internal users consistent and accurate product data. By leveraging the syndication of product information, we can rapidly scale our global presence across multiple e-commerce sites. The PIM enables us to expedite the launch of future digital projects, ensuring we can hit the ground running with remarkable speed and efficiency” – John Fister, Senior Digital Product Manager at New Balance.

“Utilizing inriver PIM to drive a sustainable, data-driven product journey within our circular business model enables us to support our brand promise: From field to fork” – Håkan Jägbrink, PIM and DAM application architect at Lantmännen.

“Our collaboration with inriver is a success story of accurate data driving digital growth. Through data transformation, we have not only evolved digitally but have also laid a foundation for unprecedented collaboration and business expansion” – Lucile Logel, PIM/DAM Leader at Michelin.

About inriver

Inriver powers the entire product journey at every touchpoint. The composable inriver PIM solution, with built-in digital shelf analytics and integration capabilities, connects to any digital ecosystem with flexibility to help B2B and B2C enterprises meet growing demands on product data through the entire product cycle. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, inriver helps over 1,600 brands, manufacturers, and retailers turn product information into strategic assets, maximizing profitability at every touchpoint. For more information, visit

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