Scheduling assistant using Microsoft Health Bot

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Help your patients schedule their appointments faster by adding Health Bot to your scheduler

Microsoft Health Bot Scheduling Assistant drastically decreases the time needed to schedule an appointment, reduces mistakes, and ensures appointments are not missed. By using AI, LUIS (Language Understanding), & QnA Maker patients can quickly check doctor availability, schedule their appointments via their mobile devices, and set reminders for the upcoming appointment. On the other hand, the Health bot significantly reduces the time medical workers spend browsing through doctor's availability and enables them to focus on more important tasks. Everything works integrated directly at your systems.

How it works
  • The patient logs into the scheduler using his/her credential information.
  • Service selection - the patient chooses the preferred service
  • Choose a date - available dates are being displayed. The patient should only choose the date that suits him/her the best.
  • If the patient wants to talk to an agent, he/she can choose that option and an agent will be immediately assigned to the patient.

The Health Bot Scheduling Assistant incorporates conversational AI for Healthcare, and built-in healthcare AI services. Besides this, it is customizable and extendable, meaning that it can be modified according to your needs.

Security and Compliance
The Health bot Scheduling Assistant requires patients' personal information to make an appointment and keeps history of the schedules. This means that the assistant should be as secure as possible and protect the patients' data. Microsoft Health bot Scheduling Assistant is aligned with globally recognized security and compliance standards (ISO 27001, ISO 27018, ISO 22301, CSA Gold, 23 NYCRR 500, and is HIPPA compliant).

If you want to see a demo of our Health Bot Scheduling Assistant or you want to try it for free, contact us.

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