OpenBlue Enterprise Management

Автор: Johnson Controls

Proactively analyzes building data across your enterprise to find areas for improved performance

OpenBlue Enterprise Manager is a comprehensive solution suite to drive sustainability, operational and space health goals from a single pane of glass.

As a building owner or operator, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) parameters are critical to attract investors, increase property value and have a broad impact on operations – from reducing carbon footprint to meeting tenant expectations and helping meet the commercial mission of the business.
Powered by Johnson Controls award winning OpenBlue technology, Enterprise Manager enables a suite of capabilities to monitor, analyze and optimize energy, asset, space, health and occupant comfort parameters to improve ESG scores and enable the right balance among competing priorities.

Advance your data insights to action with cloud-enabled scale and security.

Sustainability & Tenant Value      Operations as Competitive Advantage        Manage Space Utilization & Health       Secure & Future Proof Technology

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