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KServeHRMS Cloud – Special Discounts for customers with more employees

KServeHRMS is available for use in a modular manner. Customers can choose the Core HR module and then choose any one additional area. This way one can start small and expand to all the areas relevant, in the sequence of priority.

Core HR consists of of Employee Database, Employee Lifecycle Management and the Administration modules. The additional modules are

Absence Management and Biometric Integration,Payroll, Benefits and Taxes,Leave Online and Employee Portal,Performance Appraisals,
HR Operations,Recruitment / Staffing,Project Tracking and Timesheets,Training
The primary benefits provided by the system are


Improve the productivity of the Workforce through increased work hours

Saving employee time for administrative tasks through online self-service rather than physical meetings and manual processes

Improved scheduling of employees through availability and skill tracking

Improving employee engagement via personalized presence, leading to better outcomes for the organization

Reduced overheads in routine and error prone calculations for leave, time, overtime, shift, payroll, benefits and tax related calculations

Reduced overheads and effort in preparing reporting, publishing and submitting reports for management and statutory agencies

Better compliance to agencies due to accuracy in reporting

Better management decisions on people due to real time accurate availability of information

Improvement in the quality of people through talent management practices on employee capability in key processes like recruitment and employee analysis

Able to use the system on a pay per use basis rather than a high upfront fees

Avoid investment in hardware, operating systems and other infrastructure to run the system since it is available on the cloud.


The resulting value can be aggregated to


2 – 7% improvement in workforce presence (which directly improves organization productivity and the topline)

Freeing of person power for other critical work especially in HR and Workforce Management – reducing costs and overheads directly

All the soft aspects of the system improves the output of employees – resulting in increased revenue for the organization
Business Audience


The CEO of companies that are looking for improved productivity and engagement of their workforce which directly and quickly improve the topline and bottom-line

HR Heads and Managers who are looking for better operations via automation, in addition to improved productivity and engagement of employees

CFO’s who are looking for better compliance, accuracy and speed in addition to reduction in costs

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