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AskDelphi Learning & Performance Support System

The AskDelphi platform offers a learning and performance framework for businesses that constantly need to adapt, improve and innovate the way they do business, supporting workers to perform effectively at every changing moment of need.

AskDelphi supports the learning challenges of today‘s work

1. Neglected majority, about seventy percent of learning takes place at work. What is learned there is left to chance.

2. No time, when people encounter a problem at work, they need fast and reliable help, not theoretical training.

3. Too much, companies provide numerous sources of information. It remains unclear to the employee which source he needs and when.

The AskDelphi platform is designed from the ground-up to incorporate the Five Moments of Learning Need methodology and analysis toolset. AskDelphi provides quick and intuitive access to relevant learning and support resources that enable users to work autonomously, master the skills needed to perform effectively and contribute to reaching both personal and organizational goals. Learning and Performance solutions developed with AskDelphi follow these guiding principles:

• Embedded and available in the workflow
• Aligned with performance objectives
• Blended combination of formal and informal
• Just enough to get back to productive work
• Contextual to individual performance needs
• Trusted and curated by authors and content experts
• Overarching across the IT and non-IT workflow

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