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KPMG can help you tackle complexity and key processes leveraging Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

At KPMG, our strategic alliance with Microsoft is central to our goal of helping clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Together, KPMG and Microsoft enable clients the freedom to transform their business in the areas most critical to their prosperity and ongoing success. As organizations develop new products and services and recruit new talent, processes can become increasingly complex and harder to scale. Market forces, such as healthcare, evolving data protection laws, and currency fluctuations increase complexity and require better responsiveness for systems and tools. The strong KPMG and Microsoft alliance portfolio can help businesses with these challenges by building applications on-demand, automating manual processes, and continuously analyzing information to help reduce the risk of errors and increase the ability to make intelligent decisions.

At KPMG, we understand that healthcare and life science organizations operate in highly regulated environments, with changing business models, disruptive technologies, and data. We offer a market-leading portfolio of methodologies, tools, and services to gain valuable business insights, make more intelligent decisions faster and quickly adapt to change – while also managing risk, compliance, and security requirements. Our forward-thinking professionals focus on the horizon and the here and now, anchoring our experience in today’s realities while helping healthcare and life science organizations anticipate and prepare for tomorrow’s possibilities.

KPMG can help you tackle complexity and get key processes running quick in the cloud by creating a roadmap for transformation. Leveraging our Cloud for Healthcare bundle in an interactive Microsoft Catalyst workshop, we'll help you identify your top priorities, then implement core processes that will make a real difference in a matter of works-not months.

Take your organization to unexpected places
Opportunities pass us by every day, hidden amidst change and disruption. That’s why we’ve devised KPMG Ignition, a specialized team that thinks and works differently to produce differentiated results for our clients. Ignition helps you to see beyond the now, sensing opportunities and possibilities for newer, faster, and better outcomes for your business.

What we do
Ignition curates experiences using a combination of talent, environment, assets, and methods tailored to help you reframe complex problems into future opportunities, and drive value from innovation. Bringing together value architects from across the firm, we’ll work alongside your team to co-create and problem-solve. Once we’ve defined the problem and the vision, we’ll use this combination to create specific outcomes for your business.

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