Subscriptions Management for D365 Business Central

Kwixand Solutions Inc.

Subscription Management is an easy-to-use solution to manage reoccurring Payables and Receivables

Subscriptions Management for Dynamics 365 Business Central is an Extension solution that allows you to create an unlimited number of subscriptions that can generate recurring Purchase Invoices and Sales Invoices by merely running a single posting process.

When you post subscriptions, a Purchase Invoice will optionally be created for each subscription, and one or multiple Sales Invoices will optionally be created. The functionality allows you to choose and control how Invoices are generated and if they are automatically posted or require user review before posting.

When setting up subscriptions, you can:

  • Easily monitor profit margin for each subscription
  • Define the Purchase Invoice posting details
  • Define the frequency of reoccurrence
  • Create multiple sales Invoices for different customers that generate a single Purchase Invoice
  • Optionally combine Sales Invoice line details across subscriptions by customer
  • Automatically post and email customer invoices

The subscription management solution provides valuable time savings to any business processing reoccurring vendor payables or customer receivables.

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