LawToolBox AI

Автор: Inc.

AI to summarize content and extract deadlines from emails, text and hand-written orders

LawToolBox AI provides a set of features and functions that transforms its core LawToolBox for Microsoft 365 solution with groundbreaking and innovative advancements in deadline and appointment extraction and rules-based calendaring in Microsoft Teams and Outlook. This solution amplifies the core LawToolBox function of managing deadlines, and it is doing it safely and responsibly by processing all AI behind the Microsoft firewall.

LawToolBox AI facilitates the conversion of handwritten court orders into actionable deadlines, clause extraction from real estate contracts, automatic deadline tracking in commercial agreements, and more. Highlights of LawToolBox AI include:

  • extracting deadlines from emails and attachments then add to user/matter calendar

  • mapping deadlines from links to civil rules and other documents

  • summarizing emails and attachments, and other documents

  • drafting responses to emails

In addition, LawToolBox has updated our Microsoft Teams app with natural language capabilities, enabling users to inquire about weekly deadlines, recent matters, finding other team members who have time to respond to deadlines and tasks, and rescheduling meetings through simple conversational inputs.

• 1st Place, SharePoint Integration - Best SharePoint Solution 2018

• 2nd Place, App for Teams - Best Office Integration 2018

• 3rd Place, Add-In for Outlook - Most Business Value 2016

• Featured in opening Microsoft Ignite keynote 2023

Anyone can use in minutes. This app is free to download but requires a paid subscription to activate. Access our LinkedIn Community to see what the community is saying about LawToolBox.

REQUIREMENTS: This solution REQUIRES (1) the activation of Microsoft Azure Open AI and Microsoft Form Recognizer, and (2) the prior purchase of the "LawToolBox Matters for Outlook, Teams and SharePoint". This offer activates AI features within this other LawToolBox SaaS offer required solution, so this LawToolBox AI offer cannot be used without purchasing the base lawToolBox SaaS offer. Further, you must buy the same number of licenses for "LawToolBox AI" SaaS offer as you purchased for the "LawToolBox Matters for Outlook, Teams and SharePoint" SaaS offer. In addition to the per user fee that LawToolBox charges, there will be a fee payable directly to Microsoft for use of Microsoft Azure AI.

If you are associated with any existing LawToolBox account from your organization, you need to reach out to your organization administrator to configure the subscription after purchase. You can also reach out to LawToolBox support for further assistance

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